Virgin confirms 'baby TiVo,' expects 500GB model to become the new standard DVR

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Richard Branson apparently wasn't kidding about how much he loved Virgin Media's new TiVo-powered DVRs, as the company revealed this week it will start offering a cheaper model with a 500GB hard drive to all of its customers, differing from the original which is only available to those with the XL package of channels. We can expect the "baby TiVo" -- aside from the HDD space, it is similar to the original in all respects including the three tuner capability -- to start shipping for existing customers May 16th. The up front pricing has been slashed, at just £49.95 (plus installation) while TechRadar mentions the price of the 1TB will be reduced to £149.95 for existing customers with preorders, or £199.95 for new customers but with the £40 installation fee waived.The existing V+ HD service isn't going away immediately, but it seems like the TiVo will have more features for the same price, but we'll wait to hear if our UK readers find the experience worthwhile.
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