Virgin Media TiVo experience is similar to the Premiere in all the wrong ways

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Even if it's just "inspired" by the Premiere, ZatzNotFunny points out a few posts on the new Virgin Media TV Powered by TiVo section of Tivo Community suggesting the new DVR box is plagued by many of the same old issues. While we knew the 3rd tuner would be inactive at first, the company is running out of the "early 2011" period it promised for a software update, and as seen in the video after the break, there's still some glitches and sluggishness to be found in the new UI. On either side of the pond we're seeing far too many reactions matching the one from this frustrated UK user adamvietnam:
"For ten years I used to tell anyone who'd listen that Tivo was the best piece of consumer electronics they'd ever own but at the moment the new box just feels like another PVR..."
Time and software updates will tell what TiVo can do about it.

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