Countdown to the last few hours before The Cosmonaut stylus launch

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Countdown to the last few hours before The Cosmonaut stylus launch

If you're an artist and you like to paint with your iPad, then you know how much nicer it can be to use a capacitive stylus rather then your finger. While there are already a number of styluses that work with iOS devices on the market, Studio Neat has decided there's room for one more. The Cosmonaut is differentiating itself by using a wide-grip design inspired by dry-erase markers, which Studio Neat argues is a more appropriate analog for the way we use an iPad than a pen or pencil.

Studio Neat's first big product, the Glif iPhone stand, had a very successful launch thanks to backers on Kickstarter who were willing to fund the manufacturing costs to get the Glif off the ground. The Cosmonaut is being funded the same way. The original goal was to have $50,000 pledged by the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and right now -- with only a few hours to go -- they've raised more then $125,000.

If the Cosmonaut looks like your dream stylus, you should hurry over to Kickstarter and pledge $25 or more to reserve one in the first batch, which they hope to be shipping in June.

The Cosmonaut looks like a pleasure to hold, and I definitely plan on picking one up at some point.

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