Galaxy Tab 8.9 keyboard dock spied in Russia, TouchWiz poked on video

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Hey, look at that: it's a keyboard dock for the Galaxy Tab 8.9. The folks at caught this guy on camera at the Russian launch of Samsung's latest slates. We don't have a lot of details here, but it looks a heck of a lot like the dock for the original Tab. In fact, the only difference we could spot is that it seems to cradle the tablet in landscape mode instead of portrait, which is a small but very welcome change -- Sammy probably just pulled out the plastic insert used to prop up the older model and called it a day. As for price or ship date, only Samsung knows for sure but, so you don't walk away feeling cheated, there's a lengthy hands on video after the break. We don't speak Russian, so we've got no idea what the handler's impressions are, but you get a pretty thorough tour of the TouchWiz tweaks for Honeycomb.

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