E3 reader meetup: Monaco

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E3 reader meetup: Monaco
Monaco is basically the game version of the film Heat ... basically. Four co-op players control one class each, working together towards pulling off a successful heist. As you can see in the gameplay demo after the break, Monaco employs an interpretation of a top-down view for gameplay, with pixelated characters navigating perils toward the eventual thievery.

If the unique premise doesn't do it for you, the gorgeous graphical style should. Remember Loaded (and Re-Loaded) for PlayStation 1? That's okay, most people don't, but that's the nearest it gets in terms of graphical similarity -- and that was 16 years ago. It's worth noting that Monaco isn't anywhere near as brutally violent/gory as Loaded, they just both feature a beautiful top-down art style.

Anyway, developer Pocketwatch Games is bringing Monaco to our E3 2011 Reader Meetup Extravaganza this coming Friday evening for attendees to play, and we think you'd be a fool to miss it. In preparation for the event, Pocketwatch Games kindly sent over new images, which we've dropped into the gallery below. Pocketwatch dev Andy Schatz notes that since maps are "generated dynamically from the level data," folks will be able to create levels with the same complexity as the devs themselves, "or whatever they want." However, we get the feeling that our levels won't look quite as good as Pocketwatch's.%Gallery-125352%

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