AT&T's Ralph de la Vega: Windows Phones 'not selling as well' as hoped

We don't envy AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega's job one bit, nor the amount of time he spends on the hotseat. We do, however, admire his willingness to open his mouth and reveal interesting tidbits. Interviewed after his D9 appearance, de la Vega fielded questions about Windows Phone, confirming what we have suspected for quite some time: the platform hasn't been selling as well as AT&T or Microsoft would've liked. He didn't divulge numbers or get any more specific, but he did sound optimistic looking to the future. When asked if WP7 is a hard sell, de la Vega noted that it's a brand new OS, and the growth both companies are hoping for will come once the Mango update is readily available; consumers are looking for a bigger app store, more functionality, and a larger number of features. So adding more functionality will make phones more appealing to consumers? Crazy thought. If you're interested in seeing what else Ralph had to say in his one-on-one, head to the source link.