HP Envy 14 Beats Edition gets a slice of Sandy Bridge silicon, costs $1,050 at Amazon (updated)

Updated ·1 min read

HP's Envy 14 is quite the looker of a laptop, with its etched aluminum skin beckoning you to explore the capabilities of the Sandy Bridge CPU that lies beneath. For those who prefer the murdered-out look, the HP Envy Beats Edition is the preferable PC, but until now it lacked the upgraded Intel innards of its showy stablemate. That's right, Amazon's offering a second-gen Intel Core i5-2410M chip clocked at 2.3 GHz to go with those dark Dr. Dre aesthetics you crave (oddly it's not yet for sale on HP's website). The inky Envy with the big red "B" is priced at $1,050, or half a hundred more which is actually 30 bucks less than than buying its equivalently-equipped cousin direct from HP -- awfully nice of the good Doctor to give us a discount.