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WiGig hits version 1.1, adds wireless HDMI to its arsenal to celebrate

WiGig hits version 1.1, adds wireless HDMI to its arsenal to celebrate
Terrence O'Brien
Terrence O'Brien|@TerrenceOBrien|June 29, 2011 3:59 PM
To this point, not much has come of this whole WiGig thing, but the coalition is marching forward and expanding the standard's capabilities with the introduction of version 1.1. The latest specification makes several tweaks to the 60GHz wireless protocol, but the big news is that the Wireless Gigabit Alliance has signed up with HDMI Licensing, LLC -- adding the ubiquitous video jack to its arsenal, which already includes cable-free DisplayPort. WiGig display adapters are still expected to hit the market by the end of the year but, for now, our dream of input agnostic wireless HD video streaming is just that -- a dream. So don't start tying up your old newspapers with those HDMI cables just yet.
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WiGig™ Alliance Advances Multi-Gigabit Wireless Ecosystem with Publication of Certification-Ready Version 1.1 Specification

WiGig Bus Extension Specification for I/O Applications Now Available, WiGig Display Extension Specification for A/V Applications Enhanced by HDMI and VESA Partnerships

BEAVERTON, Ore. – June 28, 2011 – The Wireless Gigabit Alliance™ (WiGig), the organization advancing the worldwide adoption and use of 60 GHz wireless technology and its applications, today announced the publication of its certification-ready multi-gigabit wireless specification. The new version 1.1 specification addresses enhancements identified by member companies during the product development process. Soon WiGig members will be able to test their WiGig-based products to ensure interoperability within the ecosystem and provide end users with reliable solutions at product launch.

"We are marching toward enabling the fastest wireless technology for practical applications such as Wireless Docking, Wireless Display and Wireless Networking," said Dr. Ali Sadri, WiGig Alliance president and chairman. "Our continued diligence in the MAC-PHY specification development process and collaboration with the Wi-Fi Alliance to build an interoperable multi-gigabit wireless solution based on our latest specification will soon provide an unprecedented user experience that changes people's lives."

"WiGig is approaching fruition and advancing quickly toward enabling WiGig-based products," said Filomena Berardi, Market Research Analyst, IMS Research. "By providing consumers a comprehensive wireless solution designed for a diverse set of applications at multi-gigabit speeds, WiGig is delivering technology that will shape the future of 60 GHz."

WiGig Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL) Updates

WiGig today announced the publication of its WiGig Bus Extension (WBE) specification, now available to Adopter members. The WiGig Bus Extension and WiGig Serial Extension (WSE) enable high-performance multi-gigabit wireless connectivity among multiple devices, from storage devices to other high-speed peripherals and applications such as Wireless Docking. WiGig is finalizing the WSE specification and plans to publish it to Adopters in the second half of this year.

In addition to WiGig's partnership with VESA for wireless DisplayPort certification, WiGig has become an adopter of HDMI Licensing, LLC¬ to further provide WiGig Display Extension (WDE) support for HDMI mapping. WDE is the only 60 GHz specification that defines a framework to connect to DisplayPort monitors and HDMI TVs, enabling key applications such as the wireless transmission of compressed or uncompressed video. WDE will be available to Adopters in the second half of 2011.

WiGig Alliance Gains Additional Contributors

As WiGig continues its testing and certification efforts, the addition of the following eight WiGig Contributors enhances the breadth and depth of WiGig's testing ecosystem. New members include the following companies:

• Aeroflex
• Future Technology Devices International
• Institute for Infocomm Research
• MET Labs
• Hittite Microwave
• Rohde & Schwarz

About the WiGig Alliance

The WiGig Alliance was formed to establish a global ecosystem of high-speed and easy-to-use wireless devices that seamlessly work together to connect people in the digital age. WiGig technology enables multi‐gigabit wireless communications among consumer electronics, handheld devices and PCs, and drives industry convergence to a single radio using the readily available, unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum. The organization brings together the world's leading manufacturers of semiconductors, personal computers, consumer electronics and handheld devices. For more information, please visit www.wigig.org.