EVO 3D at the FCC redux: now with AWS 3G (update)

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EVO 3D at the FCC redux: now with AWS 3G (update)
Well, what have we here? Another HTC EVO 3D, aka the PG86300, has landed on the FCC's doorstep -- only this time it's packing radios similar to those seen in the phone's European edition. This one works on the 1700MHz AWS band, so it appears could be destined for duty in the pockets of T-Mobile's magenta-clad masses, though we can't say for sure. However, now that the government's decreed this EVO's electronics won't fry our brains, it shouldn't be be long before we find out.

Update: This FCC filing is most likely for the European EVO 3G, which, like the European Sensation and Flyer, features a tri-band 3G (HSPA+) radio with 2100 / 1700 (AWS) and 900MHz as well as a quadband 2G radio. This means you'll possibly be able to import the handset unlocked from Europe and use it with 3G on carriers like T-Mobile USA or Wind in Canada. Sorry, AT&T customers, no 3G soup for you!
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