HTC EVO 3D walks its WiMAX by the FCC on its way to Sprint

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|06.03.11

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HTC EVO 3D walks its WiMAX by the FCC on its way to Sprint
It's looking like we're about three weeks away from our first dose of glasses-free 3D on a smartphone, and Sprint is going to be the one getting you all cross-eyed. But, before you can hold a device like HTC's EVO 3D to your head, the FCC has to make sure it won't be doing anything too nasty to your gray matter. The phone and its myriad of antennas -- covering CDMA, EVDO, WiMAX, Bluetooth, and WiFi -- all ran the gauntlet successfully, and, in the process, exposed a long list of componentry. No, sadly, there's no teardown involved with this one, but we now know the model numbers of just about every major piece of equipment wedged behind that parallax-barrier screen, from its Qualcomm processor to its Broadcom wireless chipset. Really, though, you only need to know one thing: June 24th.
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