BlackBerry Monza 9860 photos emerge, ready to take the world by Storm

Brad Molen
B. Molen|07.25.11

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BlackBerry Monza 9860 photos emerge, ready to take the world by Storm
If photos of a new handset are taken without Mr. BlurryCam involved, launch day is likely close at hand. Such is the tale of the BlackBerry Monza 9860 -- aka the Monaco, the Storm 3, or a plethora of other code names. Regardless of the title, it's an all-touchscreen, 1.2GHz device yet to be announced or even acknowledged by its maker. But since when does that ever stop the leaks from piling up to monstrous heights? A new batch of images showing off the fabled handset has come to light, giving us a respectable peek at the phone's outer beauty; unfortunately, we didn't learn anything new here. The image above suggests this particular machine is AT&T-bound, but we're not entirely convinced -- it could be a test device that's unlocked and using the carrier's HSPA+ network -- especially since T-Mobile's supposedly landing the Monza as early as this week. Perhaps it's even the "shiny, new and social all over" product expected to be announced tomorrow. The puzzle pieces are definitely getting put together, eh? Check out the gallery below for the latest stunning shots.

[Thanks, Ratnesh]
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