T-Mobile 2011 roadmap leaks, lists loads of specific release dates?

Samsung's Hercules was the entree, but there's always room for dessert, and if you'd like to finish off your meal with juicy cellular rumors, This is my next has you covered. The publication now claims to have T-Mobile's entire 2011 device roadmap in their possession, replete with alleged release dates for a stable of phones and hotspots -- some of which we've never heard of before -- which should make for plenty of excitement in the months to come. Find all the highlights after the break.

  • June 8th will reportedly bring the HTC Sensation 4G, as we've heard before, as well as the Samsung Gravity Touch 2 and Samsung SGH-T759 (apparently codename "Hawk"), as well as the Huawei E587 hotspot (aka Wayne) that should provide up to 42Mbps HSPA+ downloads.

  • There's a Nokia Nuron 4G (codename Panda) listed for September 21st, priced under $150 with a small 3.2-inch 640 x 360 display and Symbian on board.

  • November 2nd will bring a pair of LG phones, the Maxx and Maxx Q, the latter of which will have a QWERTY keyboard.

Not bad, eh? And those are only the devices that have a date -- hit the source link for speculation about some of the more obscure items, including the Samsung Dumont, LG Optimus II, and the HTC Bresson and G-Infinity.