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Visualized: 3D3 Solutions scans our face in two seconds flat

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.10.11

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Visualized: 3D3 Solutions scans our face in two seconds flat
See that bloke? That's Darren Murph. Well, a digital representation of the human version, anyway. That image was captured in two painless seconds at the hands of 3D3 Solutions, which was on-hand here at SIGGRAPH to demonstrate its newest FlexScan setups. The rig that snapped our face rings up at around $10,000, and relies on a Canon DSLR (strictly for capturing textures), a projector and a secondary camera. As you've likely picked up on, this is hardly designed for average DIYers, but these solutions are also far more detailed and flexible than using Microsoft's Kinect. We're told that the company recently started to support Nikon cameras as well, and for those who'd prefer to use their existing cameras / PJs, a hobbyist-centric software package will allow you to do just that. The only problem? Figuring out where the $2,700 (for software) is going to come from. Head on past the break for a demonstration vid, or peruse the gallery below if you're feeling extra creepy.
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3D3 Solutions demonstrates high-speed 3D face scanning at Vancouver Siggraph Exhibition August 9-11, 2011

BURNABY, BC, July 26, 2011 – 3D3 Solutions, a cutting-edge developer of 3D scanning technologies, will be exhibiting at Siggraph 2011, the year's most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for computer graphics and interactive techniques. The company is excited to offer attendees at the conference free 3D face scanning demonstrations at their booth #879.

The face scanning process involves using a 3D scanner to capture an accurate 3D mesh and color texture directly from a human face. The output is especially useful in the video games, visual effects and medical imaging industry. 3D3 Solutions will feature the HDI 3D Scanner to demonstrate live face scanning at Siggraph. Their scanner uses white-light technology to capture high-resolution, color 3D scan in less than 1.4 seconds. Attendees will be provided with the 3D data of their face scans for personal use.

3D3 Solutions offers 3D scanning systems that are flexible in capturing human shapes, art sculptures, and mechanical parts for industrial inspection. 3D3 Solutions has also worked with a number of leading game companies and universities on developing custom high-speed 3D face scanners. In the latest development, the company's custom face scanner is capable of performing a 3D scan every 0.2 seconds. "People have a tendency to move just by breathing alone and movement affects scan quality," said Thomas Tong, President of 3D3 Solutions. "With the ability to generate 3D scans almost instantaneously, users will have cleaner, high quality scan data to work with."

Please visit booth #879 at Siggraph 2011 to learn more about 3D3 Solutions' 3D scanning technology.

About 3D3 Solutions
3D3 Solutions is a cutting edge developer of 3D scanning and visualization technologies. 3D3 Solutions' mission is to offer affordable 3D scanning systems that are versatile across many applications using their expertise in white light scanning technology and the latest digital measurement advancements. For more information, please visit www.3d3solutions.com.
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