Nokia's N9 coming to Kazakhstan on September 9th, gets its own billboard

Well, the list of places that won't be seeing Nokia's N9 seems to be growing larger everyday. And, while it won't bring comfort to the poor souls in the US, UK or Germany, we can confirm that the fine citizens of Kazakhstan should be getting a heaping helping of MeeGo come September. A tipster sent us a flyer from Texhodom advertising the Swedish Finnish company's foray into Linux-powered smartphones as landing on September 9th for 99,990 Kazakh tenges, or about $679. The same tipster made us even more jealous when he sent in some photos of a giant billboard taunting the imminent arrival of the handset at the same electronics retailer. So, if you really have your heart set on an N9, and want one before those pasty folks in Switzerland and Sweden, looks like it's time to book your ticket to Almaty.

[Thanks, Aziz]