Nokia N9 gets axed in Germany, global tour looks even more meager

Like slowly waking up from a sweet dream, the Nokia N9 is gradually slipping away from our conscious mind before it's even released. We knew Stephen Elop & Co. didn't have high interest in the one (and only) Meego smartphone in its repertoire, but it's becoming very clear exactly how much the handset doesn't matter to the company. Nokia's confirmed with German site MobiFlip that the N9 will in fact not be making its way to Deutschland, just days after making it known that it has no plans to send the device to the US or the UK. Granted, those who can't shake off their desire for the one-of-a-kind phone will still find alternative methods of procuring it, but this is still a solid indication that Espoo is only staring ahead to its future with Windows Phone, and the N9 is merely in its peripheral vision.