Inhabitat's Week in Green: space pod hotel, Lego LED lamps and the world's largest solar-powered boat

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Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green.

Incredible green architecture projects lifted off to the stars and charted the seas this week as Inhabitat showcased a solar-powered space pod hotel that could launch in 2016 and PayPal founder Peter Thiel invested $1.25 million to create a chain of floating micro-countries. Meanwhile, Apple unveiled new images of its spaceship-shaped headquarters and its Grand Central Terminal store, and OPEN Architecture floated plans to transform a Zeppelin hangar into a green-roofed extreme sports center. Living green building projects also got a boost as Mexico unveiled plans to develop the world's largest urban park and an incredible crop of grass-covered cubicles sprung up in downtown Denver.

It was also an epic week for electric vehicles as Germany's "Schluckspecht" car set a world record for driving over 1,000 miles on a single charge, Lightning Motorcycles broke the 200 MPH electric bike speed record, and Stanford unveiled what could very well be the fastest solar car ever built. We also watched the world's largest solar-powered boat arrive in Hong Kong as it continues its trip around the world, while Google Street View began mapping the Amazon using cameras set on canoes and trikes. Solar Roadways also received a $750,000 grant to develop a large-scale installation and Zero2Infinity proposed a cheaper way to travel to space via an immense helium-filled balloon.

In other news, the past week was charged with renewable energy developments as a 13-year-old kid harnessed the Fibonacci sequence to make a solar power breakthrough and researchers developed an energy-harvesting LCD screen that could one day power our gadgets. We also learned that deep-sea mussels can convert hydrogen into energy, we were shocked to see another shiny slick of oil turn up near a BP well in the Gulf of Mexico, and we saw Australia outfit its soldiers with photovoltaic systems. Finally, on the home front we brought you a set of fun LEGO LED lamps perfect for illuminating any room, and we shared five tips for greening your finances.