Live from the Engadget reader meetup in NYC

Are you in New York City? We sure are, and we want you to join us! Right now! We'll be at Guastavino's, located just under the Queensboro Bridge at 59th Street in Manhattan, until 10:30pm. Plenty of Engadget editors are on hand, along with our friends from Joystiq and TUAW, so be sure to swing on by if you're in the neighborhood. We're walking around with the latest gadgets, and may even have some for you to take home. Can't make it to the party? We have our cameras and laptops in tow, and we'll be adding photos and text throughout the night. Jump past the break to join in on the fun!

6:38PM And the doors are open!

6:37PM Calm before the storm...

6:12PM Doors are opening soon!

6:11PM It's Victor and Dave from TUAW!

6:10PM Here's a quick preview of the space...

6:08PM And we're here! Readers are lined up down the block. The rest of you are on your way, right?