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The NYC Engadget Reader Meetup is less than two weeks away!

Hey, listen, do you smell something? That's the sight of a reader meetup coming over the horizon, fast! As we told you a few weeks back, we're having a bit of a party on Thursday, August 25th at Guastavino's, which is located at 59th Street in New York City. Things will kick off at 6:30pm that night and run until 10:30pm. It's an all-ages event, but we can only manage 1,000 people in there at a time, and it's first-come first-served, so don't be late. Want to come? Just show up by 6:30! You don't need to pre-register.

We'll have more Engadget editors on hand than you can shake a Bluetooth keyboard at, along with good friends from Joystiq and TUAW plus gadgets, giveaways and maybe some surprises. If you're a member of the media who would like to attend, an exhibitor who wants to show something off to the fans, or a sponsor who wants to be a part of the insanity, please e-mail us at meetup at engadget dot com. Everybody else, sit tight until then, and get ready to party!