Live from Samsung IFA 2011 press event

Brian Heater
B. Heater|09.01.11

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Brian Heater
September 1st, 2011
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Live from Samsung IFA 2011 press event
Another day, another IFA live blog. We're here, and the place is positively packed -- people are literally pushing their ways through the door to get the best seats. This is easily one of the hottest tickets in town. Read along after the break.

Photos by Zach Honig.
6:07AM Thanks all! It's time to get some serious hands-on action. Look for more coverage.

6:06AM Hey, the lady from all of the interstitial videos is here. She's the special guest, apparently. Also, we're getting some more man on the street videos. Looks like this press conference is over, people.

6:05AM What do you think, is Samsung talking a step back with the Stylus? We're going to be losing a lot of S Pens in the coming year.

6:05AM Styluses for all, we say!

6:04AM Andrew's showing off accessories. An S Pen holder! Make your stylus feel special!

6:04AM Swiping your hand across the display will take a screen shot and covering the display will play and pause media. Interesting, yes. Groundbreaking, meh.

6:03AM Works with schedule management. Seems like Samsung is really pushing for the enterprise space with the Note.

6:03AM Sammy will be opening the SDK up to third party developers.

6:02AM So the S Pen is the secret to getting third party app developers on board, hey Samsung?

6:02AM This is meant to display notebooks -- the paper kind. Remember those?

6:02AM So it does handwriting recognition. That's useful, for sure.

6:01AM You can open the S Memo application for any screen. I don't know Andrew, you're not really selling this pen.

6:01AM Okay, he's talking about the S Pen. The stylus for the thing. This is the surprise? Pretty lame, Samsung

6:00AM He's talking about having minimum screen transition, certainly a problem with mobile devices. It IS a slick looking screen.

5:59AM It's got a 1280 x 800 Super AMOLED display.

5:59AM Andrew is calling it a new category. Again, we've heard all of this before.

5:58AM I have three Galaxy Tabs on me at all times.

5:58AM Andrew Coughlin is talking about the problem with carrying multiple devices. Fair enough.

5:57AM What's the surprise? We've seen this before, guy.

5:57AM Hey, it's the Galaxy Note again. Deja Vu.

5:56AM It's gotta be good to beat that slick looking 7.7.

5:56AM Ooh, the biggest surprise is coming. Galaxy Tab 11? 12? 900? The possibilities are endless!

5:55AM There's a microSD card slot on it. It runs Android 3.2 and Samsung TouchWiz -- of course it's all skinned up.

5:54AM It's got a 1.4GHz processor, WiFi Channel Bonding for high speed transfers, and a 4G LTE option.

5:54AM Looking slick, Sammy. Want to play with it right now.

5:53AM It's thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Figures.

5:53AM It's got the highest pixel density among tablets.

5:53AM It's bright, for sure. Even in front of that giant projection screen. It's got Super AMOLED -- words we're hearing a lot today.

5:51AM Looking good, Samsung.

5:51AM And it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

5:50AM Already, it's time for the next tablet. Thing's got 4G LTE. You're missing out, people in the hall.

5:50AM Chat On is a new messaging service for Samsung devices. Send multimedia messages. Supports Android and Bada. Will be on phones, tablets, and PCs.

5:49AM This is definitely a downer after all of the Note talk. Sorry Thomas.

5:48AM You can connect wirelessly to play games. It does multitasking. But again, it's Bada.

5:48AM It's another Bada 2.0 phone, so, you know...

5:48AM It's got a metal unibody design. It's the phone for design-conscious consumers. Has a Super AMOLED display.

5:47AM Here we go, it's the Wave 3. Thanks Thomas.

5:46AM Man, people are super antsy to check out the Samsung Note. We've got some portfolios to discuss, folks.

5:46AM Thomas Richter is talking to a migrating audience now.

5:45AM Nope, it's not over, even though a bunch of people just left.

5:45AM That looks like it's it. People are heading out. We've got some gadgets to look at.

5:44AM Is the Note the new iPad? Sammy sure thinks so.

5:44AM He's really talking up this new category. We've got tablets, smartphones, and the note. What screen is that now? The fifth screen. It's hard to keep track, really.

5:43AM It's a digital notepad and diary. You can read emails while you're moving -- we don't recommend that, however. Especially not with these crazy bike lanes in Berlin.

5:42AM The Galaxy Note. It's got a 5.3 inch Super AMOLED screen. Big screen, smartphone portability. 1.4GHz processor. It's got a longer battery life. And a pen input. Yep, a pen.

5:41AM It's a new category, people get ready.

5:41AM Spit it out already, DJ.

5:41AM And one more -- he's taking his time on this one.

5:40AM And here's the Galaxy Tab 7.7. It's got a Super AMOLED screen like the Wave. It's the thinnest and lightest in the industry, apparently.

5:40AM Working to make Bada one of the top platforms in the industry. We're not holding our breath on that one.

5:39AM It's got a four inch Super AMOLED Screen.

5:39AM Samsung Wave 3 with Bada 2.0. Don't suspect we'll be seeing this in our neck of the woods.

5:38AM Three new devices. Okay, here we go.

5:38AM DJ Lee is taking the stage -- not an actual DJ (we think).

5:37AM Okay, looks like we're finally getting into the tablet/smartphone section. This is indeed what the people want.

5:37AM Samsung is really into these man on the street videos this year. Giving the people what they want, apparently.

5:36AM Also, it's like 90 degrees in here. Is it hot, or is it just Samsung? Hard to know for sure.

5:36AM Announcing partners for the SUR40, including Fujifilm. So, look out for that, I guess.

5:35AM Hey, it's the Microsoft Surface.

5:34AM The screen is super bright and anti-reflective. Hard to tell in here, however.

5:34AM So the 14 inch is 15 inches, and so on.

5:34AM The bezel size has been knocked down, giving an extra inch of viewing.

5:34AM It's gonna be 13, 14, and 15 inches.

5:33AM Liking the aluminum design.

5:33AM It's got Express Cache to reduce booting time by 45 percent.

5:32AM New Intel Core processors, up to i7.

5:32AM The Series 7 Chronos. High performance AND power?

5:31AM And the Samsung Series 9 has company.

5:31AM Anyone out there hoping for some more Chromebooks?

5:30AM Patrick Povel is here now. And it's notebook time. He's talking up the Series 9.

5:29AM Looks like it's notebook time now.

5:28AM And that's it for cameras.

5:28AM The display is three inches, VGA AMOLED.

5:28AM iFunction 2.0 is built in. The smart panel makes taking pictures easier.

5:27AM It's compact and lightweight, with a premium metallic design.

5:27AM Does seven frame per second continuous shooting.

5:27AM Pretty good for low light and moving targets.

5:26AM It's go a 20.3 megapixel sensor.

5:26AM The NX200 is looking pretty good, if we do say so ourselves.

5:26AM The new Samsung NX200, thanks Ms. IFA.

5:26AM Well, a followup to a followup, that is.

5:25AM Looks like we're getting an NX10 followup.

5:25AM It's got picture-in-picture and live panorama. It's also got things called Funny Face and Magic Frame.

5:24AM 16 megapixel, 5x optical zoom, 26mm wide angle lens. It also has Smart Touch 3.0 wallpaper.

5:24AM It will appeal to style conscious consumers (like Ms. IFA, we imagine).

5:23AM Does 180 degree flips, so you don't have to.

5:23AM It's got a three inch flip out touchscreen display.

5:23AM Hey, it's Ms. IFA. She's everywhere this week.

5:22AM Life from all angles, according to Samsung.

5:22AM The Samsung Multiview Envy 800 is being announced. Cue flashy intro video.

5:22AM Malcolm Andre will be talking digital imaging. Maybe they'll explain why there was a Sony camera in the intro video.

5:21AM You can't win 'em all, we're afraid.

5:20AM Samsung is not introducing a retro TV set, sadly.

5:19AM We're making sure that the past doesn't get left behind. They're showing how new technology works on old-timey TVs.

5:19AM It's a tube TV set! Fun!

5:18AM Michael's coming back with something fun...

5:18AM The Philharmonic loves Samsung home entertainment products.

5:18AM Ah, Bobby Dylan here is from the Berlin Philharmonic. That explains the lack of a harmonica.

5:17AM Alright, enough Samsung Smart TV content. Let's talk about products!

5:16AM We don't think, at least. He does look like a rolling stone, however.

5:16AM Fernanda Montoro and Robert Zimmerman. Not THE Robert Zimmerman.

5:15AM 3D and 5.1 surround coming to Maxdome Smart TV. Thanks Rene.

5:14AM Rene Rummel is on now. Dan's feeling generous with stage space.

5:13AM Dan Saunders is all about the apps today.

5:12AM We're talking about the Samsung TV App Store now. Should reach 1,000 apps by the end of the month with 10 new apps every business day.

5:12AM It's the center of your connected home. Got that?

5:11AM Smart TV is user friendly and has animations. Fun.

5:09AM We'll be getting a hands-on, naturally...

5:09AM YouTube is launching 3D content exclusively on Samsung smart TVs.

5:07AM They are the number one TV manufacturer globally. Pretty good, Samsung.

5:07AM Lots of talk about all of the awards Samsung has won in the space. It's a bunch, apparently.

5:06AM This is the era of one design, apparently.

5:06AM Michael Zoller will be talking TVs.

5:05AM People on the screen are talking about what they want from TVs. We want new products, that's what we want.

5:05AM They're rolling out a giant flat screen.

5:04AM We're starting off with some television news, apparently.

5:04AM And Samsung will once again demonstrate its commitment to the Olympic games, with help from David Beckham. No sign of Posh in the audience, sadly.

5:02AM We're excited.

5:02AM An exciting new mobile communication service is coming.

5:01AM We're going to see a new PC, apparently.

5:00AM He's talking about the company's history of firsts. Let's get to the future already.

4:59AM Samsung is working to become number one in the global market. Bring it.

4:58AM Some exciting new updates: smart TV and 3D offerings. Mobile too.

4:58AM We are going to experience a smarter life today. Pumped!

4:57AM Boo-Keun Yoon is taking the stage.

4:56AM It begggggginnnnnns.
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