Sprint set to end Bill to Account program on October 5th, all equipment must be purchased outright

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Sprint's the last of the big four national carriers to offer a Bill to Account program, which allows equipment purchases to be billed directly to the customer's account (provided they're in good standing). Unfortunately, it's likely going to be the next consumer-friendly policy to get the boot out the door, never to be seen again. According to the SprintFeed screenshot, Sprint appears to be concerned that too many people are taking advantage of the service by terminating their plans before the equipment's actually paid off. We're uncertain of how much money this practice was costing the company, but the Now Network is looking to shave dollars off its expenditures any way it can before the inevitable LTE launch comes around. Farewell, Bill to Account -- we hope you come visit us again sometime.

Update: We've been hearing from our readers that Verizon still has a Bill to Account option.
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