Sprint changing return policy tomorrow, nixing Premier program at year's end

Brad Molen
B. Molen|09.15.11

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Sprint changing return policy tomorrow, nixing Premier program at year's end
Sprint's been making mondo policy changes over the last two weeks in the form of increased fees, so what's a few more cuts? We've received tips over the last day or so that suggest the Now Network up to its shenanigans again, making immediate changes to its return policy and soon putting the kibosh on its Premier program. Effective tomorrow, Sprint's trimming its return period from 30 days to 14 and the risk-free trial offer -- which ultimately allows you to walk away from your service within a month without being charged a penny -- is vanishing into thin air. Reaching out for confirmation from a carrier spokesperson, we were told: "Beginning Sept. 16, Sprint is updating its return policy for new lines of service, upgrades, accessories and devices. We will share more details of the new Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee at a later date." This doesn't fully answer our query, of course, but it at least confirms that the return policy will fall victim to a few adjustments on Friday.

We also began receiving tips today foretelling the upcoming demise of the Sprint Premier program -- the company's two-tiered VIP program that offers annual upgrades and other perks. Premier members will apparently be notified as early as tomorrow (or as late as October) that they have until year's end to cash in on their remaining benefits. The only reasoning given: "to help us focus on the areas that customers value the most, such as unlimited data plans." Interpret that how you will, but ginormous things are going down in Overland Park, and we haven't even heard the wondrous news about the carrier's "Strategy Update" yet. Unless, of course, it's all tied together somehow...

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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