Netflix and Roblox team up for a digital theme park that’s heavy on corporate synergy

Players will be able to participate in activities inspired by Stranger Things, One Piece and even Rebel Moon.


Netflix and Roblox have teamed up for a digital theme park with activities pulled from the streamer’s many popular franchises. Netflix Nextworld is an area within Roblox that’s currently in early access. The company says the experience is “all about bringing fans to the entertainment they love.”

To that end, Nextworld features activities based on Stranger Things, One Piece, Cobra Kai and even those Zack Snyder Rebel Moon movies that people seem to hate. There’s also an activity based on the upcoming Jurassic World: Chaos Theory cartoon. The whole thing is arranged like a theme park, with mini-games and easter eggs galore.

Some of these games look pretty fleshed out, like the survival horror title Stranger Things: Escape from Hawkins High and the fighting sim One Piece: East Blue Brawls. Regular people can make some really cool stuff on Roblox, so a company with resources like Netflix should really raise the bar.

There are also a bunch of shorter experiences, like an online version of the game show Is It Cake? in which, well, people try to guess if something is cake. We aren’t sure how that one will work since none of it is cake. It’s just pixels and code.

Playing these games and exploring the park nets users collectibles and wearables from various shows, which are then used to decorate a private space called a Fan Pod. Some of these collectibles include a Demogorgon plushie head and the iconic One Piece flag.

The Streamship's Tudum Theater.

Finally, there’s something called the Streamship, which is a shared space to watch Netflix content. The company says this “home base within Nextworld” will provide “social features” and include events like “premieres and viewing parties.”

Netflix Nextworld is now in early access and is available on any console that supports Roblox, in addition to mobile and PC/Mac. The streamer does say the theme park will feature plenty of surprises, so let’s hope for a mini-game based on the driving crooner.