Biscotti TV dunked in the FCC's latte, still a bit hard

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Webcams have certainly narrowed the distance between loved ones, but it's hard to argue that two people hovering over their laptop screens can rival an in-person conversation. Moving things over to the big screen could make the exchange much more comfortable for everyone involved -- you just need an HDTV, and a Biscotti. The small black box should be ready to turn the biggest screen in your home into a high definition video phone fairly soon, having just landed in the FCC's living room. Packed inside is a camera, microphone and 802.11b/g/n WiFi -- plug the contraption into your TV and you can instantly make calls to family and friends, with no monthly charges. A pair of HDMI ports let the device serve as a bridge between your television and cable box, so folks with limited connections don't have to choose between Dad and Mr. Mom. Biscotti will also interact with computers, tablets and smartphones via an as-yet unnamed "video player" to bring life-sized video chat to the masses. There's no word yet on pricing or availability, but if the FCC has finished nibbling at it, then it shouldn't be long before we get a taste ourselves.

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