T.I.M. has a taste for passers-by, also fava beans and a nice chianti (video)

Art school -- incubator of tomorrow's next great visionaries, or think tank for the Robot Apocalypse? Sorry folks, but this latest Arduino frankenconcept looks to be working against Team Humanity. Part of Art Institute of Chicago BFA student Daniel Jay Bertner's recent oeuvre, the Tracking Interactive Mechanism (or T.I.M., for short) uses a webcam operating OpenCV to follow gallery-traipsing gawkers' faces, and respond to their movements. Careful, though. T.I.M. here bites, or at least makes virtual attempts to pierce your flesh thanks to a hidden photocell mechanism triggered by a viewer's proximity. There's just one thing Daniel left out of his wall-mounted, predatory cyborg installation -- the requisite Hannibal Lecter soundboard. Jump past the break to see this nightmarish, mixed media concept in motion.