DOSBox ported to BlackBerry PlayBook, brings MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 to QNX (video)

So, BBM and a native email client for the BlackBerry PlayBook would be nice, but what we have today is a step in a completely different direction. DOSBox, everyone's favorite open-source x86 emulator, has been successfully ported to RIM's QNX-based tablet, bringing with it MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 support. A command-line-based OS can certainly be tiring after spending so many years with a GUI, but those ancient games of yesteryear are timeless -- Wolfenstein 3D, anyone? If you happen to live north of the border, where the Playbook just got a massive price cut, a repurposed DOS tablet could be in your future for a mere $200 -- plus a few extra bucks for a Bluetooth keyboard, which naturally you'll need to navigate DOS. Jump past the break for a tease of the action.