The big, bad Black Friday game deals post: 2011 Edition

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The big, bad Black Friday game deals post: 2011 Edition
It's nearly the moment you've been preparing for all year, savvy shopper. And right here? Here is the page from which you finalize your Black Friday master plan. You'll show those retailers, alright ... or is it the other way around?
Best Buy GameStop Kmart
Sears Target Walmart
Here we go again, y'all -- one week 'til Black Friday 2011. In that vein, we've once more compiled our annual testament to post-Turkey retail madness, replete with savings from vendors large and small, brick-and-mortar as well as online.

Up above, you can head directly into any of "The Big Six" sections by clicking the individual logos. Down below, some highlights to help guide that process:
  • Best Buy: Consoles on the cheap and the special edition Zelda 3DS [more details]
  • GameStop: Like Best Buy, but you can totally trade in stuff [more details]
  • Kmart: Discounted HD remakes, HD newmakes, and non-HD wagglers [more details]
  • Sears: Mario for the holidays (at home and on-the-go) [more details]
  • Target: Cheapest Mario 3DS bundle, discounted Kinect, in-store Pizza Hut [more details]
  • Walmart: Blue Wiis, the Bats, and so, so many bullets [more details]
In the interest of completeness, we like to offer as thorough a selection of retail options as possible. What you find below may not be "thrilling" so to speak, but they are some viable options should you be at your local shoperia, purchasing discounted wares of the non-electronic variety:
  • Big Lots: EA Sports bundles for $15 [ad scan], buy two slash get two free on ... a bunch of stuff. Also, frozen pizza. [ad scan]
  • Costco: The best deal you're going to find on GAEMS. Also, frozen pizza. [ad scan]
  • RadioShack: The same $200 PS3 and Xbox 360 bundles as many others, but, uh, likely fewer of them. Likely no frozen pizza. [more details]
  • Sam's Club: Blue Wiis and many other consoles on sale. Also, frozen pizza. [ad scan]
  • Toys R Us: Discounted consoles, portables, and gift cards on Apple products. Definitely no frozen pizza. [Black Friday details / Cyber Monday details]
It's more than just "Small Business Saturday" that puts money into region-exclusive retailers' pockets, you know. While this list is notably shorter than last year's, we can't encourage folks enough to stop by a local game seller and take advantage of their unique sales:
  • Hastings: Discounted Wii, PSP, and buy one / get one games! A much better selection than last year, to boot. [more details]
  • Meijer: Forza 4, Resistance 3, Battlefield 3, Rage, and more for half off. And God of War 3 for ten bucks! Hey now! [complete ad scan]
Sure, you don't like going out into the freezing cold at the crack of dawn and pushing through hordes of people -- we can relate. Thankfully for us shut-ins, there's a variety of enticing Black Friday deals available from the comfort of the internet:
Beyond not going out, you don't even want all that silly "stuff" in your living space. You want it all digital, all the time, baby! Maybe you're The Lawnmower Man? Maybe you just don't have a lot of space. Fair enough! We've only got a couple for now, but more are sure to pop up as the week goes on, and we'll add 'em right here:
  • Impulse: Thanksgiving Sale page []
  • Sega Digital Games on PSN/XBLA: Sega Genesis and Dreamcast classics on sale (now thru Nov. 29 for PSN, Nov. 28 for XBLA)
  • Namco iOS Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale: Variations of Pac-Man, Galaga, and other classic franchises with drastically reduced prices (now through November 28) [more details]
  • PlayStation Network "Fall Sale": Limbo, Section 8: Prejudice, Outland, and more all on sale (now through November 28) [more details]
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