How would you change Sony's Tablet S?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.21.11

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As far as tablets go, Sony's Tablet S is about as innovative and unorthodox as it got in 2011. The Honeycomb-based device shipped with Android 3.1, and while there's no word yet on an Ice Cream Sandwich update, you can bet that Sony's pushing for one. As is, it's still in possession of quite the edge given the PlayStation Suite inclusion, which makes it the first tablet capable of playing PlayStation and PSP games via the included emulator. We found plenty of pros and cons during our time with the device, but now that it's out and about in plenty of nations worldwide, we're offering you -- the early adopter -- a chance to speak about your gripes and praises. Would you change up the wedge design? Throw a different display on here? Swap one thing for another? Go on and shout your advice below. But try speaking, first. Shouting is pretty rude.
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