17 Blizzard employees to follow on Twitter

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17 Blizzard employees to follow on Twitter
It's no secret that we here @WoWInsider love Twitter. But what you might not know is that Blizzard loves Twitter as well. Not only does it have @Warcraft, @StarCraft, @Diablo, and @BlizzardCS accounts, but their friendly blue posters and other leading figures are on Twitter as well, just waiting for you to follow them and find out what's being served for lunch at the Irvine campus. (Actually, we haven't heard about that yet ... We need some pics of what a Blizzard lunch looks like, @TalkingCongas!)

Blizzard has confirmed to us that all of these accounts belong to the individuals associated with them and are not fakes (and that they are all OK with being posted publicly). Further, what these employees say on Twitter is not endorsed by Blizzard. Sometimes they might talk about things related to WoW, while other times it could be something completely unrelated.

Please also be respectful of these people's accounts. Don't pepper them asking for invites to a beta, and so on. It's not going to happen, and no one likes to be bugged about such things.

That said, follow away and enjoy some nice insight into @ChrisMetzen's WoW playing. The full list after the break.

@mikemorhaime Mike Morhaime, President & Co-Founder
@rob_pardo Rob Pardo, Executive VP, Game Design
@chrismetzen Chris Metzen, Executive VP, Story & Franchise Development
@Hordeland Russell Brower, Director of Audio, Sound
@mumper Cory Stockton, Lead Content Designer, World of Warcraft
@davekosak Dave Kosak, Lead Quest Designer, World of Warcraft
@neutralground Ilja Rotelli, Director, Global Community & eSports
@robpsimpson Rob Simpson, eSports Program Manager
@bashiok Bashiok, Community Manager
@daxxarri Daxxarri, Community Manager
@kaivaxblizzard Kaivax, Community Manager
@lylirra Lylirra, Community Manager
@sachant Nethaera, Community Manager
@talkingcongas Zarhym, Community Manager
@sdlistenin Shon Damron, PR Manager
@kathunter Kat Hunter, Licensing Manager & BlizzCon Personality
@kimaphan Kim Phan, Senior Producer & eSports Personality

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