Chronic Dev team releases C-Dev Reporter tool

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Chronic Dev team releases C-Dev Reporter tool

As noted by RedmondPie the Chronic Dev Team, the people behind the GreenPois0n jailbreaking tool, have released a beta of a new tool which aims to circumvent iOS crash reports being sent to Apple and instead funnels them to the Chronic Dev Team. The tool, called C-Dev Reporter, aims to notify the Chronic Dev Team instead of Apple, so they can better find exploits in iOS that could allow for easier and faster untethered jailbreaks. As the Chronic Dev blog explains it:

At this point, the program copies all the crash reports off your device (which, under normal circumstances, would be sent right back to Apple), and instead sends this data to a secure, private server hosted by your friendly Chronic Dev team. Next, our program proceeds to neuter your copy of iTunes, simply by changing your settings to prevent your computer from sending any further diagnostic information from your device to Apple.

iOS crash reports are a very important part of what allows Apple to keep making iOS more secure. It allows Apple to identify security and stability issues and fix them before shady developers can exploit your iPhone or iPad for nefarious purposes. C-Dev Reporter isn't designed with that goal in mind. With possibly hundreds of thousands of iOS error reports being rerouted to the Chronic Dev Team and not Apple, and while Chronic Dev Team's intentions are well-intended, their C-Dev Reporter tool could at the very least stop Apple from receiving critical error reports that help to make iOS better for people who don't jailbreak and, at most, be hijacked to flag and use exploits for illicit purposes.

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