Nokia N900 gamepad hack dispenses with beauty, sidles up to sore thumbs (video)

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Know what's kicking and screaming its way into obsolescence? If you guessed the N900, pat yourself on the back with this hack. Nokia's internetting tablet that simply refuses to quit has already run the multi-purpose gamut, standing in as a brain scanner / replacement, OS dual-booter and Ice Cream Sandwich biter -- just to name a few. Now, a homebrew mod from Polish hacker Emeryth, has that soon-to-be retro QWERTY slider sporting a custom gamepad to make those long hours logged into video game emulation that much more thumb-friendly. The exposed overlay is based on an ATmega8A microcontroller and plugs directly into the device's USB port, giving gamers an eight button solution, plus a PSP-like analog stick. It's a handy, albeit ugly, add-on that'll help get your gaming heroes of old through well trodden enemy lines. Video demo lies in wait after the break.

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