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Guild Wars 2 unleashes a new demo for PAX East!


ArenaNet is always reaching beyond the players' expectations. The demo at PAX Prime received incredible reviews from most people who played it. It even turned the heads of a certain reporter who was there for another game entirely. Unfortunately, Community Manager Martin Kerstein said in a recent entry on the ArenaNet blog that the most exciting thing ANet has planned for the upcoming PAX East is the presence of Game Designer Colin Johanson. The smart-alec Kerstein followed that up with, "Oh, and in addition to Colin, we will have a brand-new Guild Wars 2 demo for you, with loads of new content." He did not elaborate on the specifics but promised to reveal that at a later date.

In addition, Lead Graphics Programmer Jim Scott has created an iPad application called Sketch Club, and ArenaNet would like to see what its fans can produce with the creative tool. This month, the team is throwing a Guild Wars 2 armor competition. Use a Guild Wars 2 character model as a start, then create the best armor you can think of with Sketch Club.

For all the information on everything ArenaNet is doing at PAX, jump to the announcement, or if you're interested in joining the GW2 Armor Compo check out the contest rules.

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