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Mitsubishi Blu-ray players have BDXL, 3D support, and a two-faced remote

Brian Heater

We don't want to slight these three new Blu-ray players from Mitsubishi -- they've got all the latest features that the kids are clamoring for, like 3D Blu-ray, BDXL, AVCREC, and VOD support. However, sometimes accessories are the most fascinating part of a product, as seems the case with this dual-faced remote -- not entirely unlike the ones we've seen from Samsung and Boxee. One side controls the TV and the other does the DVR, while a built-in sensor lets the system know which side you're using. The DVR-BZ450, DVR-BZ350, and DVR-BZ250 are pretty much identical, save for internal storage, which ranges from 500GB to 2TB. All are due out in Japan on May 31st -- no word on when the rest of the world will be able to get our hands on the latest technology for losing two remotes at the same time.

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