Samsung's QWERTY flip Smart TV remote is official along with new TV apps and Megamind Blu-ray 3D pack-in (updated: hands-on!)

Samsung's 2011 product showcase is underway in New York City and while most of these products we got a peek at during CES, it's only finally ready to show off the new QWERTY flip remote for its smart TVs. The QWERTY TV remote is looking a lot sleeker in its glamour shot than it did in the FCC tests weeks ago, and is available in the box with all D7000 and D8000 model HDTVs, or as an add-on compatible with the D6300 line and above (no mention of the Smart Touch remote or Google TV devices in the press release we received.) Samsung's also putting a lot of stock in its new lighter 3D glasses and officially announced the new 3D Starter Kit that includes two pairs along with a copy of Megamind and all the Shrek movies on Blu-ray 3D, along with prescription-ready models for kids and adults. Finally, an app market is nothing without apps, and there's two new ones to announce today with HBO GO making its debut on the TV and MTV Music Meter. Check the details (Update: now including MSRPs!) in the press release after the break and the gallery for a few pictures.

Updated: We got a few minutes to play around with the new QWERTY flip remote after Samsung's NYC press event today. It's not exactly the most glamorous handheld keyboard remote control out there with its monochrome screen, although we do like that the center of the D-pad can me morphed into a touch sensitive mouse-like control. Okay, so this thing isn't exactly ground breaking, but check out the shots below for a closer look.

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Home Entertainment at the Edge of Wonder
As the leading brand in home entertainment, Samsung's new line of devices showcases innovations and
smarter technologies that bring the home entertainment experience to life. The living room is again becoming
the social hub for the home and, in turn, Samsung is making smart TV and 3D more accessible in 2011. The
company has 44 new HDTV models across LED, LCD and plasma categories, many of which are available

Nearly three-quarters of the 2011 home entertainment lineup offer Smart Hub, an easy-to-use interactive
menu that puts search, Samsung Apps, a full Web browser and a recommendation engine in one convenient
location. Samsung is also integrating other Smart features across the home entertainment line, including
multimedia sharing across devices with AllShare and a hassle-free network setup with Samsung's One
Foot Connection. Samsung continues to see success with Samsung Apps, the world's first HDTV-based
applications store. Samsung Smart TVTM and Smart Blu-ray owners can now enjoy more than 200 free
and premium apps in the U.S. and there are more than 400 apps available worldwide. Today, Samsung
announced the availability of new apps from leading content providers, HBO GO and MTV Music Meter.

To make it even easier to search and discover new content, Samsung introduced a new QWERTY TV
Remote with an LCD screen that puts control and functionality into the hands of the user. The multidirectional
QWERTY TV Remote connects wirelessly with a Samsung Smart TV and features a full physical QWERTY
keyboard. When one side of the remote is being used, Samsung's intuitive features automatically disable
the keys on the other side so consumers never need to worry about accidentally hitting any buttons. The
QWERTY TV Remote is included with the LED D8000 and D7000 Series and Plasma D8000 Series. It is
compatible with the LED series D6300 and up (sold separately)

Bringing rich, dynamic and immersive 3D entertainment home is easier in 2011. Samsung has included 3D
features across 60 percent of its 2011 TV portfolio, with a wider range of models, screen sizes and price
points. Experiencing full HD 3D at home is also more comfortable. Samsung introduced the world's lightest
active 3D glasses, weighing about one ounce, as part of the company's new lineup of 3D active glasses.

As part of the company's ongoing commitment to bring premium content to consumers, Samsung announced
that its new 3D Starter Kit, which includes of two pairs of 3D active glasses, would also include Blu-ray 3D
versions of DreamWorks Animation SKG's Megamind and the complete Shrek collection at no additional

Samsung continues to lead the way in design innovation, with new breakthrough design philosophies and
stunning form factors across the 2011 home entertainment portfolio. For LED backlit and Plasma TVs,
new bezel designs allow consumers to enjoy more immersive TV viewing without distraction. Samsung's
new ONE Design ultra-slim bezel on premium LED TV models 'liberates' the picture so consumers feel like
they are part of the action. The company's new Plasma+1 design concept will be available across its entire
Plasma TV line. Plasma+1 is a new narrow bezel design that adds up to one inch of viewable screen size
over last year's products without increasing the outside dimensions of the set.

Samsung's commitment to design extends to its 2011 Blu-ray player and home entertainment system
portfolio. Its 3S design philosophy – symmetric, slim and slot-in – creates sleek and functional form factors
that delight users. The Blu-ray player line is led by the world's slimmest Blu-ray player, the BD-D7500,
measuring in at a slim 0.9-inch height. Similarly, Samsung is breaking new ground in the home entertainment
system category with several CES 2011 Innovations Design and Engineering award winners. The award-
winning line includes the world's first 7.1 channel AV receiver system with Blu-ray playback, 3D viewing and
Internet services in one integrated component.

March 16, 2011

Super Light 3D Active Glasses and Ultra-Slim Wall Mounts Also Available

NEW YORK, March 16, 2011 – Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced details and availability of its innovative new accessories line, which enhances access to 3D and Smart TV for a superior home entertainment experience. The new line is packed with the latest advancements in Samsung Smart TVTM and 3D.

Samsung's 2011 award-wining TV accessories line features two CES 2011 Innovations Design and Engineering award winners (marked with asterisks).Key products include:

Wireless-N router and wireless LAN adapter that make setting up a home network hassle-free

Dual-sided, multi-directional QWERTY TV Remote for easy access to content on your TV

High-definition TV camera that transforms a television into a large screen video phone

Four styles of innovative 3D active glasses, including a light-weight, prescription-ready model*

Stylish wireless charger for 3D active glasses*

Easy to install ultra-slim wall mounts

"As home entertainment becomes more interactive, we've had to evaluate how to enhance and control the TV experience," said John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. "The accessories line demonstrates our commitment to an outstanding home entertainment experience through amazingly designed and expertly engineered products."

Smart Solutions for Easy Connectivity

More than ever, when searching for movies and updating their social media status, consumers need an easy way to access and interact with the TV. Samsung introduced a new QWERTY TV Remote with an LCD screen that puts control and functionality into the hands of the user. The multidirectional QWERTY TV Remote connects wirelessly with a Samsung Smart TV and features a full physical QWERTY keyboard. When one side of the remote is being used, Samsung's intuitive features automatically disable the keys on the other side so consumers never need to worry about accidentally hitting any buttons. The QWERTY TV Remote is included with every premium model, including the LED D8000 and D7000 Series and Plasma D8000 Series. It is compatible with LED series D6300 and up (sold separately).

As the TV becomes the media hub for the home, easy connectivity is increasingly critical. Samsung's new wireless CY-SWR1100 router makes it easy to set up and connect devices to a home network. The simultaneous N dual-band router features two new Samsung technologies that ensure a quick, hassle-free setup:

Plug & Access technology, which enables connectivity by simply plugging the USB adaptor (sold separately) into a Samsung Smart TV to create instant Wi-Fi access to the Internet.

One Foot Connection, which establishes a Wi-Fi connection between Samsung 2011 TVs and other compatible devices. During the initial set-up, users simply need to place the router within one foot of these devices to establish a connection. Afterwards, the CY-SWR1100 can be moved to any part of the home while still maintaining this connection.

The Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter, the WISO9ABGN, supports a range of wireless standards. It offers easy access to a variety of content and services via Samsung Apps, and unobtrusively connects Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players via Wi-Fi to the Internet. It also connects Samsung TVs to multimedia devices such as PCs, cameras, Blu-ray players, mobile phones and more.

Samsung improved the quality of widescreen video calls from the comfort of your living room with the introduction of a new Smart TV camera, the CY-STC1100, which is Skype compatible. This camera is designed to work in all lighting conditions and wherever users are seated in relation to the TV. With no headset or additional webcam required, this camera features a built-in HD sensor (720p at 30 fps) and advanced HD video encoding. It also has an auto focus feature to keep the subject from appearing blurry (even when shifting positions) and four high-fidelity microphones to capture voices up to 13 feet away regardless of ambient noise.

Installing the Samsung Smart TV camera is simple. Users plug the USB cable into the TV and attach the TV camera to the back of the set using the camera's magnets. The CY-STC1100's slim design, at slightly more than a half an inch thick, blends well with even the thinnest Samsung TVs. A flexible camera neck wraps around the top of the TV, allowing the user to easily adjust the lens position and identify the ideal position.

Experience Immersive 3D at Its Best

3D remains a key pillar of Samsung's TV strategy. Four new models of 3D active glasses make it easier and more comfortable to watch 3D at home:

SSG-3700CR: Prescription-ready ultra-light, rechargeable 3D active glasses

SSG-3300GR: Rechargeable 3D active glasses

SSG-3300CR: Compact, rechargeable and prescription-ready 3D active glasses, ideal for kids

SSG-3100GR: Replaceable battery-operated 3D glasses

Samsung completely redesigned its 3D active glasses to offer superior picture quality, comfort and an attractive design. The Samsung SSG-3700CR is the world's lightest pair of active 3D glasses, weighing about one ounce. Ergonomically designed with flexible 'legs' and nose pad, the SSG-3700CR delivers a comfortable experience for everyone. The 'legs' can fit over regular glasses and consumers can choose to clip on customized prescription lens so that they can comfortably enjoy crisp, life-like 3D imagery. Similar to clip-on shades for standard eyeglasses, prescription lenses can be prescribed by a regular optometrist and easily added to the SSG-3700CR. The new 2011 3D active glasses are compatible only with 2011 3D TVs.

Beyond comfort, Samsung's new 3D active glasses were reengineered to deliver superior image quality. Samsung also reduced the LCD response time to improve the contrast ratio and generate more vivid pictures with less cross-talk (ghosting) and viewing fatigue. The glasses automatically turn on when worn and power off when motion or touch is not detected by the embedded sensors. Additionally, the SSG-3700CR, SSG-3300GR and SSG-3300CR have an indicator on the side of the glasses that informs users of approximate battery life.

New this year, Samsung introduced a wireless charger, the CY-SWC1000A, capable of charging up to four rechargeable 3D active glasses at once. The charger is an elegant, glossy black cylinder that resembles a classic men's top hat. An LED light softly blinks to show that recharging is in progress. The CY- SWC1000A is highly efficient at transferring electric energy to devices on the surface of the charger and offers the same length of usage (up to 45 hours) as if the glasses were charged via the USB cable.

To further ensure delivery of a premium 3D experience in the home, Samsung introduced four HDMI cables that optimize 3D picture quality and exceed the quality standard for signal transmission. The HDMI cables come in four distinct designs: slim, swivel, basic and premium. At price points ranging from $59.99 to $149.99, Samsung's HDMI cables encounter fewer signal errors than conventional HDMI cables.

TV Installation Made Easy

As part of its commitment to design innovation, Samsung introduced a line of ultra-slim wall mounts that make it easy to beautifully display Samsung TVs. The airtight wall mounting hangs the TV less than 0.8-inches from the wall and amplifies the slimness of a Samsung's LED TV. Despite its slim fit, it can securely hold up to 440lbs, ensuring that the TV is installed securely on any wall. The ultra-slim wall mount can be quickly and easily installed in less than twenty minutes from start to finish, thereby saving consumers time and money on installation.

Samsung is also introducing an LED TV mount kit for Samsung Soundbar (model CY-ATB10). Designed to match the sleek design of the LED line, the kit attaches to directly to the back of the TV so that the Soundbar can gently hang below as if it were floating. It is compatible with 2010 and 2011 LED TVs between 37 and 55-inches and the HW-D450, HW-D550 and HW-D551 2011 soundbar models.