Samsung touts Bluetooth 3D support on LED 8000 / 7000 HDTV line, intros D8000 and D6500 plasmas

Are you ready to look your existing 3D HDTV in the face (yeah, the one you purchased a fortnight ago) and tell it that aren't enticed in the least by Samsung's latest? Good luck with that. As it tends to do each year, Sammy is busting out a barrage of new releases here at CES, and is kicking things off with a smattering of big-screen television sets. Up first is the high-end LED 8000 series, comprised of 46-, 55-, 60- and 65-inch models. The UND8000 line boasts a restyled, 0.2-inch wide metal bezel, and there's plenty of Smart TV enhancements to gawk over. You'll get a full web browser, media search panel, an advanced recommendation feature and a Touch Control TV remote (complete with 3-inch screen) to dictate it all. The most interesting feature, however, is likely the support for Bluetooth 3D glasses; rather than relying on IR, the Bluetooth approach promises to improve on the line-of-sight, range and interference issues that some struggle with today. Other specifications across the line include 240Hz de-jitter technology, a 1080p panel, inbuilt WiFi and support for Skype.

Moving right along, the D7000 series arrives as a threesome, offering buyers the choice of 46-, 55- or 60-inches of diagonal screen space. You'll still find a frighteningly thin 0.2-inch thick bezel here, Bluetooth 3D Active Glasses support, 3D playback, a 1080p panel, inbuilt WiFi and Skype support, but you'll miss out on the Micro Dimming Plus and the snazzy universal remote. If you'd prefer to go the plasma route, the D8000 crew would be happy to oblige. Available in 51-, 59- and 64-inch screen sizes, these 1080p 3D sets were designed with a slimmer bezel that offers up to a full inch increase in viewing screen size over last year's models, and each one measures just 1.5-inch thick. You'll also get a Touch Control TV remote thrown in, a 0.001ms response time, USB ConnectShare Movie, inbuilt WiFi, DLNA streaming support and the ability to Skype over your TV if you buy an optional webcam. Stepping down a notch, there's the D6500 line, which is offered in 51- and 59-inch sizes and simply trims down on a few of the more advanced features. We're still waiting to hear back on MSRPs, but you can expect each and every one of these to hit US retailers in the first half of the year.