Samsung shows off Google TV companion box and Blu-ray player

So, the word is that Samsung was planning on showing off Google TV at its presser, but switched things up at the last minute and stuck to its first party Smart TV offering. Still, that didn't stop two Samsung Google TV boxes from showing up at the show floor, a Blu-ray player and a standalone "companion" box. They both look pretty svelte, and the companion box is particularly smaller than the standalone Logitech and Sony boxes. Samsung's explanation of the showing was the idea that Samsung was "capable" of supporting other platforms, though they didn't have any promises of a release, a release date, or a price range. We also saw a Samsung Galaxy S running the Google TV controller app, which isn't much of a stretch, and there wasn't any sort of physical remote or keyboard on display. Basically, Samsung is showing the bare minimum of a Google TV offering, which seems to be sort of appropriate with Google TV's current feature set, if you want to get all "deeper meaning" about it.

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New Blu-ray Player and Companion Box Enabling Google TV Unveiled at iCES 2011

LAS VEGAS, Jan 7, 2011-Today at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. ., unveiled a new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV, as part of its ongoing smart TV product offerings.

As part of Samsung's continued roll-out of smart TV products and services, Samsung's new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV lets consumers surf the Internet on their TV screens just as they would on a computer including the ability to update social networks, track fantasy football scores, check e-mail and more.

Seamlessly integrating web content into a traditional TV watching experience, Samsung's new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV feature an Android based platform, which will include a variety of Internet services for consumers. . In addition, a special Google TV remote control will provide users with a full QWERTY keypad and voice search supported through an internal microphone.

Sitting at the heart of Samsung's smart TV home digital entertainment, the new Blu-ray player and companion box enabling Google TV will be on display at CES Booth #11033 throughout the show. The new devices are expected to be available at retail by 1st half, 2011.

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