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LA Noire DLC 'Nicholson Electroplating Arson Case' outed by Best Buy


LA Noire's first downloadable content pack has been announced unceremoniously in Best Buy's latest ad circular. As seen above, the ad promises that the first 16 customers to purchase the game at any Best Buy midnight launch event will receive a code that will unlock "the first DLC pack," known as the 'Nicholson Electroplating' Arson Case, as soon as it becomes available for download.

The fine print notes that every midnight launch location will have a "minimum of 16 Xbox 360 and PS3 codes per store" -- if you're number 17, don't despair. Rockstar has yet to release info on the first DLC pack, and the developer could not be reached for comment as of publishing.

[Thanks, Steven]

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