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Ms. 'Splosion Man contains a hidden dig at Capcom


You might remember the drama surrounding a Capcom mobile title that sprung up earlier this year. In January, the publisher released MaXplosion, a title that bore more than a passing resemblance to the Twisted Pixel game, 'Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel's own Mike Henry stated at the time that the rip-off made him "sad."

Capcom, which had previously passed on the opportunity to publish 'Splosion Man, stated that it was "saddened" by the situation. Furthermore, the publisher distanced itself from the title, noting that it was created by Capcom Mobile, "a different division of Capcom with separate offices and as such."

Twisted Pixel obviously hasn't forgotten, hiding a playful Capcom burn in the 'Splosion Man sequel, Ms. 'Splosion Man, which releases later this week. The dig is hidden in a secret area of the game, which is itself an homage to another title we won't spoil here. See it for yourself in the video above.

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