Former Marine marches from battlefield to Apple accessory market

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Former Marine marches from battlefield to Apple accessory market

Devon Read spent five years in the Marines, serving in both Iraq and Africa. Now, the Golden, Colorado resident is a successful Apple accessory maker. He's a self-admitted Apple fan who wanted a protective case for his Apple devices, but couldn't find products that were fashionable, functional and affordable. Instead of waiting for that perfect product to hit the market, he and two of his friends decided to make their own.

Read and his friends came up with the idea for Happy Owl Studios, after the iPad announcement and quickly designed their signature Wallet and Clutch bag. The Wallet is a slim bag that has room for your pocket change, credit cards, and mobile phone. The Clutch is a slightly bigger bag, designed primarily for the ladies. It'll replace your purse and has a larger pocket that'll hold lip gloss, sunglasses, keys and more.

Read was recently interviewed by the Denver Post and shared his company's biggest advantage over their larger rivals like Griffin which makes a variety of cases for the iPhone and iPad. Read says, "To compete in that same world as the huge accessory makers, we need to take advantage of what we have but they don't have: the ability to turn on a dime."

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