Brando gives the world the sub-$200 glasses-free 3D tablet it demands

We wouldn't be entirely shocked to see a handful of 3D tablets pop up at CES next week. In the meantime, however, Brando's got a pretty good hold on the market, with the clunkily-named GADMEI T863-3D Tablet. The Gingerbread slate offers up 3D images and video on its eight-inch display, without the need for glasses. You'll also get HDMI out, a microSD slot and a front-facing camera on the thing. With 512MB of RAM on-board, this $199 tablet won't be the quickest one around, but at least you'll be able to brag about being the first person on your block with a 3D slate, for whatever that's worth. Video of the tablet in action after the break.