Pure intros the Contour 200i and Sensia 200D, we rock out with our hands on

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.09.12

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Pure intros the Contour 200i and Sensia 200D, we rock out with our hands on
It's the same old story -- a company coming to the States, attempting to make a splash in the US during the craziest tech week of the year. In the case of Pure, however, the company actually has some pretty cool looking products to show off.

Take the Contour 200i Air, a slick Airplay speaker system that offers up the same build quality as some of the pricier models in this space. We played with the device a bit, and have to say, the half-circle build really is quite nice. The speaker also has a bit of heft to it -- it's not really small by any stretch -- after all, the thing does have to support iPads, via the built-in dock in the front. It also gets fairly loud, though at higher volumes, the bass does tend to distort things, a fair bit. Look for it to hit the US around March for $329.

Also making its debut tonight is the oddly named Sensia 200D, a little football-shaped music system with a touch display on its front. Like the 200i, the Sensia feels like a solidly built product -- one with some weight to it. We fiddled around with the thing, a bit. The touchscreen wasn't quite as responsive as we liked, though that may have had something to do with the fact that the player really couldn't do much at the moment -- the company's network was down, and without connectivity, the thing is really just a pretty-looking paperweight.

When it does work, you can use the device to stream music from your home computer, listen to internet radio stations and use the Pure Music service, which the company promises will hit North America at some point this year. We'll be sure to put the thing through its paces at some time in the future, when the internet gods are smiling on us a bit more. The Sensia will run you $450 when it hits our shores in April.

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Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.
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