Pure launches Contour, One Flow and i-20, also debuts FlowSongs cloud-based music service

It's a heavy day at CES, and it's also a big day for the folks at Pure. Not only have they provided an updated release time table for the Sensia ("later in 2011" for an unknown amount) and Sirocco 550 (March for $499), but it's also branching out with a few unexpected launches. In order to get even more tunes to the outfit's blossoming line of WiFi radios, Pure has revealed its FlowSongs cloud-based music service -- put simply, it enables consumers to buy music directly from their radio and Pure's Lounge iPhone app. Users are instructed to 'Like' songs on FM or internet radio, and then within the same interface, they're able to click 'Buy' while simultaneously scratching that Instant Gratification itch. Customers can download high-quality versions of the MP3 onto their Mac and PC, and it'll work on any Flow radio. Currently, the service is expected to launch as a public beta in North America this spring, with individual tracks priced between $0.99 and $1.49 depending on the publisher. Unfortunately, there's a $5.99 yearly subscription to actually use FlowSongs, which all but guarantees failure in a world where $1.49 tracks feel too pricey on their own.

Moving on, the company is also dishing out a few hardware announcements. Up first is the Contour (shown above), an iPod / iPhone-friendly WiFi radio that touts a black crescent shape (not too unlike Meridian's M80), touch-sensitive controls and a trio of video outputs (composite, component and S-Video). The One Flow ($149) is about as basic as it gets, rocking a truly retro motif, a 3.5mm auxiliary input and a pair of alarms. Wrapping things up, there's the i-20, which is hailed as the only digital iPod dock available that supports component, S-Video and composite outputs. In a nutshell, it's a video output stand for your iPod or iPhone, which may or may not be worth the $99 asking price. Head on past the break for specifics on availability, and tap that source link once your credit card is ready.

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PURE introduces three new audio solutions at CES - Contour, ONE Flow and i-20

CES 2011, LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2011 – PURE (South Hall, #36249), the global leader in digital and internet-connected radios, today announces that the company is taking audio entertainment one step further with the launch of three new product solutions – Contour, ONE Flow and i-20.

"We design our products in a way that makes it easy for consumers to discover, access, store, share and interact with content from a variety of sources like never before," said Charles Bellfield, general manager for PURE North America. "With today's expansion, North American consumers can rediscover radio with our range of six innovative products that sound as fantastic as they look."

The all-new products being introduced to the North American market include:

This attractively designed stereo internet-connected digital radio and media streamer with retractable iPod®/iPhone® dock features powerful Clearsound™ technology for clear dynamic audio, higher volume levels and low power consumption. With a stylish black crescent shape, backlit touch-sensitive controls and smooth, clean lines, Contour is sure to stand out in any room. Designed with an acoustically tuned and sealed cabinet with dual bass ports, Contour delivers unparalleled volume, clarity and response. This low-power consumption product also includes video outputs (component, S-Video and composite) to enable users to view videos from their iPhone or iPod on their TV.

ONE Flow
This affordable and eco-friendly digital radio brings internet radio to everyONE. With its luxurious, black satin-touch finish, satin-chrome dials and large LCD display, the ONE Flow looks and sounds great while being extremely easy to use. The ultra-portable ONE Flow is also an ideal travelling companion, providing up to 20 hours of portable listening per charge when fitted with the optional rechargeable fit-and-forget ChargePAK® E1. Additional features include kitchen and sleep timers, a 3.5mm input for an iPod or MP3 player and two easy-to-use alarms.

A next generation digital iPod/iPhone dock with a ground-breaking MSRP of $99, PURE's i-20 is the only digital iPod dock available that supports all popular analogue video formats (component, S-Video and composite†). Part of Apple's "Made for iPod" and "Made for iPhone" programs, this product seamlessly integrates digital music and video collections from an iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone onto a hi-fi, A/V system or radio for the ultimate in flexibility and quality. Video outputs enable users to view videos stored on their iPhone or iPod on their TV as well. Additionally, the user's iPod/iPhone charges while docked to keep consumers connected at home and on the go. When connected via the analogue output, the i-20's hi-fi quality DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) ensures that the sound quality from high bit-rate compressed or uncompressed iPod tracks is delivered flawlessly.

Sensia and Sirocco 550 are planned to hit the market later this year. Sensia is the first digital and internet-connected radio to feature a 5.7-inch high-resolution color touchscreen. This stereo device will offer access to custom apps including Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, RSS reader and weather, as well as ground-breaking services such as FlowSongs. Sirocco 550 serves as PURE's complete digital sound system offering, combining access to internet content with the ability to play digital music from a variety of portable devices and CDs.

Additional features
All of PURE's North American radios with Flow technology offer access to nearly 200,000 different pieces of audio content, including thousands of internet radio stations, a large selection of on-demand audio and a library of unique and ambient PURE Sounds™ in addition to digital music streaming from a personal computer. PURE's radio and media portal, the Lounge ( makes it easy for users to discover new radio and music content and when users register their Flow radio on the Lounge they can synchronize favorites so that favorites saved on the Lounge are instantly saved on their Flow radio.

Pricing and availability
ONE Flow and i-20 are currently available via for MSRPs of $149 and $99, along with EVOKE Flow, Oasis Flow and Siesta Flow.



PURE rolls out new digital content services at CES, including FlowSongs and the Lounge iPhone® app

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2011 – PURE (South Hall, #36249), the global leader in digital and internet-connected radios, today announces new digital content services to enhance its line of Flow-based radios, including the unique, FlowSongs cloud-based music service that allows the user to buy music direct from their radio and the company's premier Lounge iPhone app.

"Our new FlowSongs service creates a bridge between radio and the ability to own that music at the point of hearing it," said Charles Bellfield, general manager for PURE North America. "As the first cloud-based service of its kind to receive overwhelming support from the music industry, we believe FlowSongs, in addition to our other current and upcoming digital content services, will encourage consumers to rediscover radio."

FlowSongs – 'buy music direct from your radio'
PURE is giving music enthusiasts instant gratification like never before – hear a track, like it and now BUY it, all within a single interface. FlowSongs is a brand new cloud-based music service that allows users to tag tracks playing on any FM or internet radio station and simultaneously buy them directly from any PURE radio with built-in Flow technology. Then, users can stream their purchases at the touch of a button – without having to switch on a computer. Additionally, tracks can be downloaded in a high-quality MP3 format to a PC or Mac and added to the user's music collection, or uploaded onto an iPod® or other MP3 player. The days of rushing to write down an artist and song name to purchase at a later time are now over.

To access the FlowSongs service, users simply register any Flow radio on PURE's radio and media portal, the Lounge (, then open a Lounge Account using a credit or debit card. Purchased tracks are then stored on the Lounge and can be streamed from any PURE radio with Flow technology. In addition, consumers can use the Lounge to stream tracks and organize them into playlists, customizing the music experience one track at a time.

FlowSongs will be available as a public beta in North America in spring 2011. Tracks will be individually priced usually between $0.99 - $1.49 depending on the publisher, in line with other major services. From the point of opening the Lounge Account, the user receives a free 90 day trial subscription to FlowSongs allowing them to tag as many tracks as they like although credit is required in the user's account in order to purchase tracks. After a trial period, the user can continue to use FlowSongs for an annual subscription of $5.99, enabling them to identify an unlimited number of tracks as well as purchase tracks (as long as the user's Lounge Account is topped up with credit) for a further twelve months. The Lounge Account balance can be checked and updated at any time on the radio or online via the Lounge.

The Lounge iPhone app – music on the move
To further enhance the Lounge experience when on the move, PURE has developed the Lounge app on iTunes®. Now iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad® users can listen to a world of local, national and global radio content, including internet radio, podcasts and over 80 ambient PURE Sounds to stimulate, inspire and relax. Users will also have access to the Lounge's powerful and easy-to-use search filters to find the content they want.

Additionally, current Lounge users will be able to import their established Lounge settings to listen to their previously saved favorites on the Lounge app just as they are on or on any PURE radio with Flow technology.

The Lounge app is available now through the Apple iTunes App Store for $4.99.

PURE's line of internet-connected radio products is available for purchase available via For further product information, please visit