Gametel bluetooth controller for Android and iOS hands-on

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Gametel bluetooth controller for Android and iOS hands-on
Last time we saw the Gametel Bluetooth controller, it was an Android-only affair, but here at CES, the company informed us that it now works for iOS and PCs, too. It's been available in Europe for €58 for awhile now, and Gametel will be bringing it stateside sometime soon -- Q1 is what we were told. Given its price across the pond, you can anticipate it costing north of $60, though economies of scale being what they are, that price may drop precipitously should it prove popular in the US.

We got a little handsy with the thing, and found it to be a surprisingly sturdy affair. You see, it attaches itself to your handset with a plastic spring-loaded clamp, and despite feeling a bit flimsy, it held the phone quite securely as we shook it to and fro. It's definitely a nice alternative to touch gaming in our opinion, though it's not perfect. We wish the backside shoulder buttons were positioned at an angle because they were difficult to press with a phone attached. See what we mean and more in the gallery below.

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Sean Cooper contributed to this report.
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