Gametel Android controller steals the spotlight from Xperia Play, threatens to be vaporware

Xperia Play, Schmaschmeria Play -- who needs it? Fructel's got an Android add-on that does away with Sony Ericsson's slider niche. The folks over at Pocket Gamer recently got hands-on time with this category-quashing controller, dubbed Gametel, that connects to handsets using clamps and a rubberized grip, no matter your mobile manufacturer of choice. Unfortunately, there's no analogue pad here, so it's not quite on par with its PlayStation Certified competition, but it will hold hands over Bluetooth with any Googlefied phones running Froyo and up. The unreleased peripheral includes a 250mAh battery, letting you bash away with those sore thumbs for up to nine hours at a time, your phone's charge willing. There's no official word on just when you can expect this game pad to make its market debut, but if you're really eager, head on over to the source to sign up for launch notifications.