ROCCAT Isku keyboard and Kone mouse hands-on (video)

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ROCCAT Isku keyboard and Kone mouse hands-on (video)
Sure, European gamers have been able to get their hands on ROCCAT's flavor or gaming tools for awhile now, but CES 2012 is finally delivering some of the outfit's German engineered love to the US. Just last week, the firm announced it would be bringing its 6000 DPI Kone gaming rodent and Isku illuminated keyboard the states later this year -- we found the deadly Deutch duo tucked away in a corner of the show's gaming nook.

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Our time with the paired peripherals was short, but sweet. ROCCAT's devices use a bit of proprietary magic to pull a few crossover tricks. More specifically, buttons and toggles pressed on the keyboard can activate macros and setting changes on the mouse. Big fan of wireless rodents with dedicated sniper buttons? You have one of those on ROCCAT's Kone, sure, but you can also drop that DPI to headshot mode by toggling a key under the keyboard's spacebar. The entire left side of the typewriter can be used for macros as well -- just toggle the keyboard's macro mode using the caps-lock, and you're good to go.

The devices played well together, and sniping with the keyboard toggle allowed us to squeeze off headshots without squeezing the mouse. The mouse itself was fairly comfortable, but not amazing, though its 6000 DPI sensor was plenty sensitive. The pair will be sold separately when they hit stores next month, but they're obviously made for each other. The cost of keeping the band together? About $170.

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