Terraria goes retail in EU with 'Collector's Edition' on March 16

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Terraria goes retail in EU with 'Collector's Edition' on March 16
Despite selling over 1 million copies of Terraria across Terra Firma, Merge Games believes the title has yet to reach a key demographic: PC game buyers without internet connections. Okay, okay, it's also possible that the Merge Games-published "Collector's Edition" of the Re-Logic-developed 2D indie hit is popular enough to warrant a version made especially for superfans, but we much prefer the concept of a board meeting to discuss a gradually disappearing group of people.

Anyway, the collector's edition of Terraria will run EU residents £19.95 (€23.80/$31.30) when it arrives at retailers on March 16, and will come packed with "an exclusive in-game item, a poster, a key ring, and trading cards." That's about $20 more than the digital copy costs you on Steam right this minute -- but does that contain the adorable little pickaxe keychain (seen after the break)? Yeah, we didn't think so.

It's unclear if the collector's version of Terraria will arrive in North America or Asia, but we've asked Merge Games for clarification.

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