G-Form pulls a hat-trick with iPhone case hockey video

Brian Heater
B. Heater|02.09.12

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G-Form pulls a hat-trick with iPhone case hockey video
It wouldn't be a proper G-Form product release without the accompanying outlandish promotional video. So, when the company offered up its new iPhone 4/4S case, it made its way to an empty ice skating rink, grabbed a hockey stick and went to town, showing how the thing holds up to the punishment of an 82 mph slapshot. The case incorporates the company's favorite shock absorbing substance, Poron XRD and comes in two styles: X Protect and Extreme Grid. They'll run you $40 each, when they ship at the end of the month -- the video below, on the other hand, is free.

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iPhone Survives 82 mph Slapshot Protected by G-Form's New "X Protect" Case

PROVIDENCE, RI (February 8, 2012) – G-Form, a company world famous for it's protective athletic and electronics gear, and for its recent demonstration protecting an iPad from a 100,000 foot free-fall from the stratosphere, has announced availability of its first protective cases for iPhone® 4/4S. In typical G-Form fashion, the company released a demonstration video of its new iPhone® case taking some extreme punishment, this time using a G-Form protected iPhone® as a puck in a hockey rink, where it takes on the dramatic forces of a full out slapshot.

"Our energy absorbing technology doesn't rely on thickness like typical foams or hard plastics, so we are able to design both athletic and electronic protective gear that offers unbelievable protection from impact, but without the bulk of any traditional technology," said Thom Cafaro VP Innovations. "The new G-Form iPhone 4 case is a perfect example of this, with its sleek design and unsurpassed impact protection."

The cases for iPhone 4, like all of G-Form's electronic protective gear are fully designed and manufactured in the United States of America, and are protected by RPT™ material - a revolutionary composite, blending Poron® XRD™ material with other proprietary G-Form materials and technology

G-Form's iPhone cases are being released in two designs, the "X Protect" and "Extreme Grid", and each design is available in both black and yellow. The complete selections of styles and colors can be found at www.g-form.com for $39.95. The cases are available now for pre-order and deliver end of February 2012.
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