Nokia Astound owners face a Belle-less future, no update coming

Brad Molen
B. Molen|02.09.12

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Nokia Astound owners face a Belle-less future, no update coming
So this is where the road ends for the Nokia Astound. After getting a hearty helping of Symbian Anna in November, owners of T-Mobile's first (and only) Symbian^3 device became hopeful that -- despite the fate of the OS being sealed -- the US counterpart to the C7 would remain relevant throughout the course of their contract. Sadly, it was not to be: the phone maker tweeted that the Astound won't receive an update to Symbian Nokia Belle. What of the original C7, you ask? Oh, the latest refresh is already rolling out to users worldwide, but the Astound doesn't appear to be invited to the party. Why? It would need to undergo an additional bout of carrier testing, which involves precious time and money that T-Mobile simply appears unwilling to dole out. This is speculation, of course, but we wouldn't find it surprising in the least to see a US carrier shun a ten-month-old device running an OS with a less than promising future.
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