Infiniti Emerg-E concept gets unveiled before Geneva, is it the 'green' supercar you've been waiting for?

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Despite parent company Nissan's penchant for forward-thinking electric mobility, its luxury division, Infiniti, hasn't gotten much love from us thus far, chiefly due to its reluctance to play in the EV and plug-in hybrid spaces that we cover. That friends, will change at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show with the unveiling of the absolutely gorgeous Emerg-E concept. We don't have much more info on offer other than a bevy of official shots, but with looks like that, how could we not keep a watchful eye out for its March debut? You'll find another snap of its interior after the break, and those with more time (and privacy) ought to peep the upcoming E-tron and i8 competitor over at Autoblog.

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