Invoxia unveils the AudiOffice, a $299 speaker dock for iDevices (video)

The last time we heard from Invoxia, the company was showing off a desktop VoIP phone with iPad and iPhone docks, allowing you to use the familiar iOS interface to manipulate all the phone's controls -- mute, volume, speakerphone, et cetera. As Mobile World Congress kicks off, the company's back with a product that looks very similar, but does quite the opposite. Designed for business use, the AudiOffice isn't a standalone VoIP phone but rather, a speaker dock for your iDevices. Here, your sweet telephony comes courtesy of your iPhone, while Invoxia's hardware is mainly there to enhance the call quality, with the help of four wide-bandwidth speakers and two digital microphones. And though those docks were built with the iPad and iPhone in mind, you could, if you were so inclined, connect another device using the dock's USB socket or Bluetooth 2.1 radio. In addition to FaceTime, too, you can place calls through more OS-agnostic apps, such as Skype. The AudiOffice will sell for $299 -- quite pricey for what's essentially an iDevice dock -- but that's still far more affordable than the $599 the NVX 610 is fetching. We'll be back with hands-on photos soon enough, but in the meantime we've got pictures of the official sort below.

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AudiOffice by invoxia: transforming the iPhone & the iPad

Invoxia have put all its expertise in telephony and acoustics into a brand new product: The AudiOffice. With its sophisticated Cortex A8 processor, this new device optimizes the IOS telephony ability to such a level that it makes the iPhone/iPad the best office phone for professionals and promises to be the ultimate audio companion for smart businesses in 2012.

Following the success of the award winning invoxia Smart Office Phone which was recognized by the Consumer Electronics Show with the Best of CES Innovations award 2012, invoxia is extending its product range by launching a brand new device, the AudiOffice at the Mobile World Congress. The AudiOffice is dedicated to business professionals who use IOS devices when they are in and out of the office and is essential for seamless day to day communication. It is specifically tailored towards the needs of business professionals to offer efficiency, simplicity and exceptionally high sound quality.

Nowadays, IOS devices are increasingly used as the main telephony system in professional life. Easy internet access combined with accessible mobile phone tariffs are making Smartphones such as the iPhone the essential tools for communication for an increasingly large number of professionals. Applications such as Skype, FaceTime, Bria, Google talk or Viber are massively used for business communication and it is necessary to optimize the user experience of the iPhone for the best quality communication.

AudiOffice by invoxia transforms the iPhone into the best office phone for professionals by offering an incredible sound quality when using the handset, in conference mode or listening to music. The AudiOffice's ultra-innovative design allows professionals to participate in conference calls with an unparalleled quality of sound. It's In Vivo Acoustic technology, 4 wide-bandwidth speakers as well as 2 digital microphones creates the sensation of a physical presence of the person when in conference mode on the call; this is what invoxia calls sound spacialization. A special focus has been placed upon the design in order to replicate bass sounds similar to the real world.

Invoxia has developed sophisticated algorithms which enables users to benefit from the full potential of In Vivo Acoustic technology with an inbuilt system which eliminates echoes and background noise in order to achieve high quality conference calls. An additional advantage of invoxia's revolutionary technology enables the user to listen to music or podcasts in the office by providing sound spacialization: a unique sensation which feels like the person is standing in the middle of the orchestra. The device will constantly be updated via the invoxia application and they will constantly be developing new services.

Automatically paired via Bluetooth to the IOS devices, AudiOffice offers a unique seamless solution. People can also connect any devices using Bluetooth, USB or Jack slots to benefit from its amazing sound capability.

Serge Renouard, co-founder of invoxia: "With its audio conception and its Freescale IMX503 processor, invoxia delivers the most ergonomic and qualitative solution which is designed specifically for professionals. It enables them to optimize the extensive range of applications and capabilities of the IOS devices in day to day business. This is more than just a docking station combined with a handset; it brings together the expertise of our research and development team and our insight into the needs of business professionals. This is how we came to invent the AudiOffice: by identifying specific needs which haven't been met by other devices, invoxia offers new technology to the telecoms industry which is designed to adapt to the ways in which professionals communicate."

"Freescale is pleased that its i.MX processing technology plays a key role in the compelling AudiOfficeCompanion product," said Rajeev Kumar, i.MX product line manager for Freescale's Multimedia Applications Division. "invoxia's design team has demonstrated how today's high-performance, low-power applications processors can be leveraged to create compelling products that break new ground in the marketplace."

The AudiOffice with its slick design, made in partnership with Elium Studio, is an unparalleled device for modern office environments which integrates with the use of IOS devices making it an essential part of any business professionals' working day.

The product is available to purchase from priced at 300 US$ or 300 € incl. VAT.

Invoxia AudiOffice is made for iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad.

Features of the AudiOffice by invoxia:

Matchless sound quality and performance
The sound technology delivers acoustic comfort yet unparalleled in a conference call phone. The device reflects the subtle nuances of the speakers' voice.

Spacialization of the Sound in conference mode
This can be experienced to its full potential in a conference setting, when the phone renders voices all around the room. This gives the impression that all of the participants on the call seem to be seated at the same table: conversations are easier to follow, less exacting, more focused on the essentials. The ability to distinguish sounds, to filter out background noise and concentrate on what people are saying, even in motion, also helps to optimise listening comfort.

The ultimate office sound system for entertainment
Users can use the invoxia phone's revolutionary inbuilt In Vivo Acoustic technology to listen to audio content from their IOS devices whenever they like.

Universal Compatibility
Thanks to its 3.5 jack, its USB slots and Bluetooth connection, the AudiOffice can be paired with any devices (PC, Mac, IOS, Android etc...) to benefit from its incredible sound capabilities.

Automatic setup
The invoxia application - available free from Apple's App Store - is designed to maximize user experience, by offering software updates and enable invoxia to offer seamlessly new functionalities.

A device dedicated to smart telephony applications
In addition to provide the best comfort using the mobile telephony capacities of the iOS devices in conference mode or with the handset, The AudiOffice has been designed to use in the best manner all application offered by Internet telephony solution providers such as Skype, Face time, Google talk, Viber, Bria...

A smart object
The connected device can perform all software updates remotely. It's an ever-changing appliance, not made obsolete by technology, but constantly improved and enriched with new services and applications. It is also a durable device that will change with the user as it follows the iPhone's own evolutions.

Invoxia does its share in protecting the planet
Particular attention was given to energy usage throughout the design process. For instance, Freescale i.MX503 processors were selected for their low power consumption and speed calculation. The use of noble materials such as stainless steel and aluminium encourages recycling. In standby mode, the phone consumes virtually no power. Product packaging also makes extensive use of recycled materials.

Technical specs
- Processor Freescale i.MX503
- In Vivo Acoustic Technology:
- 4 wide-bandwidth speakers,
- 2 digital microphones.
- Full duplex hands-free
- Background noise cancellation
- Wired handset with High-Definition sound
- Bluetooth® 2.1
- Mobile/VIOP calls answered in hands-free mode or on the wired handset.
- Unified corporate/mobile
- 1 USB Master
- 1 USB Slave

1-year guarantee
Designed by invoxia in Paris
Assembled in China