RealVNC teams up with Sony to bring Android apps to the dashboard

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and RealVNC have announced a partnership that aims to liberate your smartphone's applications and content, bringing the wares to your car's dashboard. Once a VNC-enabled vehicle and Android handset are paired, users can access and manipulate the device's applications, music library and stream web content directly to the car's infotainment system. In order to preserve public safety, and meet "regulatory requirements," the system can detect vehicle velocity and will revoke the proverbial keys to your mobile kingdom while you're in motion. The RealVNC code will be bundled with "all new 2012 Xperia handsets" and the accompanying VNC Automotive software has -- according to the press release, anyway -- "been widely adopted by the automotive industry." What's more, the VNC goodies will allow Sony support specialists to troubleshoot your Xperia handset remotely, should you request such assistance. Mosey on past the break for a look at the full announcement.
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RealVNC Teams up With Sony Mobile Communications to Bring Remote Access to Android Smartphones

Xperia™ smartphones feature RealVNC's remote access technology to integrate mobile phone applications into car dashboard displays

CAMBRIDGE, England, February 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

RealVNC's remote access technology has been integrated in Sony Mobile Communication's Android based Xperia™ smartphones, enabling them to connect to vehicle infotainment systems so that drivers can access their smartphone applications safely from the dashboard display. The technology can also be used in customer support services by helpdesk agents to provide better support to Xperia™ users.

VNC® Automotive, the technology from RealVNC, can automatically detect, access and control virtually any mobile device or desktop computer from a vehicle's touch-screen or fixed input devices such as steering wheel switches and head unit buttons and menus. The collaboration with Sony Mobile Communications means automotive manufacturers will be able to improve the in-car experience as drivers can access content on their Xperia™ smartphone such as navigation applications, traffic updates, music libraries and internet radio stations. Built-in mechanisms interlock speed and access to mobile applications to meet regulatory requirements, reducing driver distraction and enhancing safety.

VNC Automotive has been widely adopted by the automotive industry as the standard for integrating mobile and vehicle, with partners including some of the world's largest automotive, infotainment, OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers. Jaguar Land Rover is just one of the leading automotive manufacturers implementing VNC Automotive technology as part of its Connect and View™ solution that will be incorporated into production cycles of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. VNC Automotive provides a seamless experience enabling smartphone connections via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, the technology also supports other connectivity protocols such as MirrorLink[TM] and iPod Out.

The same technology will also enable mobile operator's helpdesk agents using RealVNC's technology to provide a new level of support to Xperia™ smartphones from Sony Mobile Communications. Helpdesk agents will be able to remotely access and control a mobile device in their network as if it were in their hand, yet the device can be in any global location. Applications that contain RealVNC's solution allow helpdesk agents to better assist with configuration, training, problem diagnosis and installation advice. Previously inaccessible mobile settings and application features can now be seamlessly managed and controlled remotely from a single location.

"Thanks to our close collaboration with RealVNC we have made new APIs available to enable remote access and control of our Xperia™ smartphones," comments Tommy Eriksson, Head of Automotive World, Sony Mobile Communications. "We see this as a crucial step forward in the management of information display on car dashboards as well as in customer support services for smartphones. This technology can perform remote access and control capabilities in a secure and transparent way, while the consumer stays in full control of his or her Xperia™ smartphone."

Tommy Eriksson concludes: "Above all, we are thrilled to bring a new dimension to the in-car user experience for our Xperia™ users."

Dr Andy Harter, CEO, RealVNC, added: "We believe in providing seamless device connectivity and are delighted that Sony Mobile Communications has adopted our technology. Smartphones house an array of applications and content that naturally people want access to on the move, including in their cars. This collaboration takes the convergence between mobile and vehicle further and will provide Xperia™ smartphone users with a richer experience."

The remote access functionality will be available in all new 2012 Xperia™ smartphones.
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